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A collection of items the group has found.

Ransom Money -600 – 3 weeks of pay to Boule

The Old Fishery
200 cp
100 sp


sword cane [1d6 piercing damage; light, finesse, Wisdom (Perception) checks to notice the —weapon are made at disadvantage, 3 lbs.] (50 gp) – Kipper –
-garnet amulet (100 gp)
Gaedren’s ledger (probably worth money to the Korvosan Guard)
narrow teak cigar case inlaid with tiny bits of jade (25 gp)
2 lb gold ingot bearing the Cheliax coast of arms (100 gp)
miniature gold crown (350 gp)
fist-sized scrimshaw carving of a kraken with garnets for eyes (200 gp)
silver ring bearing the inscription “For Emmah – the light in my nights” (150 gp)
highly realistic and highly scandalous ivory figurine of two entwined succubi (450 gp)
masterwork shuriken
masterwork dagger with a strange blade shaped almost like a key bearing the inscription “For an inspiration of a father” (750 gp, possibly more to a collector of macbre artifacts) (Kipper)
abalone shell holy symbol of Shelyn (300 gp)

Magic Items
adamantine arrow head (Tato)
oil of keen edge
crystalline vial (50 gp) containing a dose of silversheen (Callus)
Zellara’s harrow deck

City on Fire Second Session
100g each from Garrison
300g each from the Queen
279.16 g each from fencing the rewards from the first session
Silver Jeweled Dagger (Conjuration and Divination Aura)
100g each for handing over Varick
3 health potions

10 pounds gold 450
15 pound of silver 740
A lot of jewelry

18 plat
bracers 50
copper necklace – 100
short spear – hook—Tato
3 doses vermant repellant
2 tanglefoot bags Callus
4 doses black adder venom Callus
2 doses of silversheen—Tato 1 Dose
HHH (2 potion of lesser restoration, 2 potion of invis, 1 potions of greater healing 4d4+4,) Curt
scrolls of false life Vibia
scroll of dispel magic Vibia
Funnel (alchemical) Aelan
scroll of identify Vibia
scroll of command undead Vibia
broken key knife Kipper
spell book command undead, darkness, feather fall, gentle repose, scare, sleep, water breathing, false life, mage armor, ray of sickness, blindness deafness, ray of enfeeb, bestow curse, vampiric touch, blight, ice storm, BigB Hand Matt
Masterwork Dagger
2 silver rings – 200g
gold and pearl bracelet 150g
mithril hip flask kipper
Ring – ring of prot (+1 to ac and saving throws, requires attunement) Tilia
12 inch rod iron bar, plates and spike – travelers any tool, can turn into any tool Kipper
+1 studded leather Curt
tri headed flail Tilia

5 gallons of Ale
Great axes
Ring Mail
length of chain – 12inches head being gagged by the chain Kipper

2 gp
9 silver
silver tooth
brass key of abadar bearing the number 261
69 gold pieces
set of thieves tools
boots of striding and springing
book – paper sticking out of it.
Glamour Studded Leather Kipper
hand crossbow
wand arcane focus
4 alchemist fire—Tato
wand of sculpt corpse

800g worth of perfume
800g worth of alchemical raw materials Aelan

10 magical mask – advantage against smells and immune to blood veil
Elixer of True healing
crate of elegant of vudrani silk clothes, blood stained, 300g


(273.33 gold)
28 copper
9.6 silver
1.8 plat

great axe
vial of ???? Aelan
bottles of midnight wine (14g each) x12
onyx skull
11 plat
scythe +1
two candlelabras made from hands encased in silver 150g each
sticks of exotic incense 450g
wand of curing 6 charges must be attuned, spend 1 charge to cure wounds, 2 charges to remove disease, expend all charges mass cure wounds
scroll of greater restoration
diamond 1000g
scroll of resurrection
silver coffer with a skull
2500gp worth of equipment
The Robe of Useful Items- 4 potions of healing x1 – wooden ladder x2 – window x1 – 2 mastiffs x2 – rowboat x2 – bag of gold x1

4.5 plat
8 vials 4 potions of superior healing, 3 potions of lesser restoration, 1 potion of invis
Helmet – mask of the mantis – 3 charges, recharges 1d3, spend charge to gain darkvision, gain see invis, gain deathwatch, gain advantage of perception check

BLack Mask Gear -(gloves amulet cloack attunement) Black hooded cloak of elven kind, several black mask, several masterwork daggers with a b in pommel, Black leather suit of slick leather armor(+2 leather armor advantage on any acrobatics checks to escape being restrained, boots of elven kind, black leather gloves of swimming and climbing with adjustable wooden fingers, +2 mithril rapier crit on 19 and 20) Callus


axe +1 Tilia
Emperor armor Glamour Studded Leather callus
Rod wonder Vibia
silk glove with pearls
hand crossbow
11 painting (themes shadow dragons, torture, darkness, despair)
full set of silverware
plantinum and crystal decantor of brandy Aelan
3 paintings 450g, 1100g, 2000g

potion of healing superior healing x3
potion of lesser rest x3

Giants bag
moldy and stinky wheel of cheese
uprooted berry bush
handaxe blade
1 scale from small blue dragon
dried preserved mystery meat
suit of armor half plate (fine) +1 Tato
Ion stone of Regeneration Aelan
2 ox


+2 hide armor
maul +1d6 cold damage
spear of returning
bottle of air
decanter of endless water
sustaining spoon
6 scolls clairvoynce, sending dimension door
locket 325g
pair of earrings 4350g
holy symbol of Lysalla 2000g
bright orange cloak cold resist
3 immovable rods (jason, tilia, callus)
beast-bane dagger
scabbard of keen edges
whip of Lissala


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